Debut Solo Album

Northern Passion

Click here to buy Northern Passion on iTunesHanne Dollase’s 2012 CD, Northern Passion, is a loving and lush recital of German Lieder. Composers on the CD include Mahler, Strauss, Brahms & Niels W. Gade with accompaniment by renowned pianist, Nelson Padgett.

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This CD is the fruit of both the tragedies and miracles I have experienced in my life. Singing has always been my salvation and my passion. This album represents music that speaks to my soul and allows me to draw on the full power and range of my voice. As a native of the wintry, northern country of Denmark, these romantic songs warm my heart with their beauty and pathos.

A cancer survivor, Ms. Ladefoged-Dollase will donate a portion of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

About the Music

“When I started thinking about making my first CD, I knew I wanted to present songs that spoke to and from the deepest recesses of my heart. Eventually this desire evovlved into this recording with Romantic songs sung in German by Danish, Austrian and German composers.

“The Danish composer Jacob Fabricius is little known even in Denmark, but when I worked through his piece I was struck by its emotional depths—aided greatly by Frederick Schiller’s text—in the tradition of German Romanticism.

“When I discovered the five Niels W. Gade songs, I immediately fell in love with the juxtaposition of their Schuman-like quality and distinctly Danish character.

“The four Robert Schumann songs with texts by Hans Christian Andersen have been in my repertoire since I started taking a keen interest in Andersen in the late 1990s. Andersen and Schumann crossed paths in the 1840s, and the result is four riveting songs that are typical Andersen tales, cleverly distilled into the Lieder Art form by Schumann.

“I have been a devoted fan of Johannes Brahms, Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss since my late teens. Nothing brings me to greater soul-searching depths than delving into Brahms’ and Mahler’s works, or to greater spiritual heights through Strauss.”

Special Thanks

“I could not have made this CD without the help of friends and family whom I thank from the bottom of my heart. I especially want to thank my brother, Anders Ladefoged, for—among other things—helping me edit the songs; Claus Røllum from the Royal Danish Library for miraculously making the right music available when I needed it; Frank Foerster for sound advice; Maestro Robert Butts for stepping in to help finish the CD, and of course my husband, David Dollase, for his ever-helpful suggestions.

“I dedicate this CD to my children Emma, Daniel and Elizabeth.”

Hanne Dollase
White Meadow Lake, New Jersey
December, 2011